An €8 million Horizon 2020 research and innovation project addressing the recycling and the valorisation of waste from the agri-food sector with the aim to deliver the ‘AgroCycle Protocol’; a blueprint for achieving sustainable agri-food waste valorisation. Led by the School of Biosystems and Food Engineering at University College Dublin, the consortium of 26 partners comprises partners from 8 EU countries, two partners from mainland China, and one from Hong Kong.

The project has been analyzing agri-food waste value chains, from farm-to-table, livestock and crop production, food processing and the retail sector – identifying opportunities for valorisation pathways, including: bio-fuels, high value-added biopolymers, energy and microbial fuel cells.

IFA, being the industrial partner, of a research program at Harper Adams University which is  being funded through the AgroCycle project, has looked at the evaluation of soil health following digestate application.

AgroCycle has been running for 3 years and concluded successfully with a 3-day meeting in Ireland at the end of March 2019.

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